How Much Can I Get?​

Pre-settlement funding can give you the money you need to cover bills and other expenses while you wait for your personal injury or liability claim to settle. Instead of taking out a loan or charging things to your credit card, you can use your own cash sooner.

How much money can you get? At Peachtree Financial Solutions, we have helped thousands secure pre-settlement funding and this is one of the most common questions our representatives hear. Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest questions to answer because how much you can get comes down to details that are unique to your claim.

We will try to answer the question as best we can, but the quickest way to find out how much you can get as an advance on your future settlement proceeds is by contacting us. That way, our representatives can connect you with a company who can offer you an advance on your future settlement proceeds.

Pre-settlement funding is an advance a company offers you in exchange for a portion of what you receive because of your claim. Unlike a loan, you are not borrowing anything. It is your money, you just have the option to receive it sooner. Understanding this distinction is important because how much you can receive as a pre-settlement advance is limited by the expected outcome of your claim.

When you apply for pre-settlement funding, the company offering you an advance must first estimate the final value of your settlement. The company interested in buying a portion of your claim will discuss the case with your attorney and use that information to determine the potential value of your future settlement.

Every company that offers pre-settlement funding has a different way to estimate that value, but their estimates often consider:

  • What your attorney thinks they can settle your claim for
  • How strong your attorney thinks your case is
  • How long your attorney estimates your case will take

A pre-settlement advance is a non-recourse funding. The company offering you an advance is buying part of your future settlement proceeds. While they generally buy claims that they are confident will settle, they still take a risk. If, for some reason, your claim is not successful, they will not receive what they purchased.

Companies try to limit this risk as much as possible, but they will use risk to help them determine the amount they are willing to advance.

Once a company has an estimate of the value of your settlement, they can offer you an advance on your future settlement proceeds based on that value. Since any purchase has risk, most companies will only purchase a small percentage of your total expected settlement to help them limit their risk.

When your claim is resolved, your attorney deducts their fees and pays the company the portion they purchased

If you’re still waiting for your case to settle and need another advance, you might be able to sell more of your expected settlement by contacting Peachtree Financial again to get an updated quote. In general, you can only sell a percentage of your claim, so the size of your first sale will help determine how much you can sell the second time.

Pre-settlement funding can help you avoid default by giving you cash to cover costs until your claim is settled or a court renders a verdict on your case. After contacting Peachtree Financial, we’ll connect you with a company who could offer to purchase a portion of your expected settlement proceeds in exchange for cash now. Then, you can pay your bills and give your lawyer the time they need to argue your case.

One potential advantage of pre-settlement funding is that it helps you avoid taking on more debt. You’re spending your own money, not borrowing it from someone else. Pre-settlement funding is not a loan, it’s an advance on your expected settlement.

If you have a pending claim, contact us today. We can give you more information about your options concerning pre-settlement funding.

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