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Structured Settlement Options

Life happens. For many of our customers the opportunity created by receiving a lump sum of cash now is greater than waiting months, or years, to receive their payments. Having cash on hand to do what they want without taking out a costly loan, or putting off their plans for years until they save up enough money, has proven to be highly beneficial to them.

At Peachtree Financial Solutions, we have helped thousands of people get their money sooner by purchasing their future payments to get them a lump sum of cash. Whatever your reason for selling, we are here to help.

Why Sell My Structured Settlement Payments?

Some of our customers had a say in how the annuity from their settlement was structured, but many either did not or were not 100% happy with the outcome. Others liked how their annuity was structured for a while, but have now found that having access to a lump sum of cash is more important. Selling some, or all of your payments can allow you to control your finances or take advantage of another financial opportunity.

Some common goals our customers share with us are:

House with pointed roof and chimney

Purchase a Home

Orange Car

Buy a Car or Truck

Wallet with credit card sticking out

Pay off Debt

Two crossed band aids

Medical Expenses

Graduation cap with tassel

Pay for College

Selling Your Structured Settlement FAQs

Every case is different. Your individual situation, as well as the state you live in, can affect your timeline. We work as quickly and efficiently as possible to process your sale. However, it is important to know that fulfilling state guidelines and requirements, including a court hearing, takes time.

If you have a pressing need that cannot wait, please let your representative know right away! We have a number of options to help you while you wait, including cash advances of a portion of your purchase price.*

*Advances are subject to approval at Peachtree’s sole discretion. Cash advances are not a loan. They are an advance of part of the purchase price for the sale of your structured settlement payments. Call 800-317-1962 for additional terms and conditions.

We cover the full cost of the transaction, and our attorney will submit the transaction documents to the court. You would only need to hire a lawyer if you want independent advice on your sale or if you live in a state that required you to consult with a professional advisor or attorney.

You will work with one representative throughout the entire process. This representative will be familiar with all the ins and outs of your transfer and will be available to answer any questions you might have.

Every situation is different, but generally you will always need: a copy of your annuity contract and settlement agreement, any additional documents that are relevant to your settlement and annuity, a government issued ID, and proof of residency.

If you need help gathering any of these documents, your representative will be able to assist you.

The federal Structured Settlement Protection Act outlines that court approval is necessary to ensure selling payments is in the best interest of an individual.

Good news! Most customers do not have to sell their entire payment stream, and many choose to sell only part of their structured settlement payment stream. When you discuss your financial needs with your representative, they will outline all your options to help you choose the best course of action.

Yes, you can work with the same company or a different company to sell your remaining payments.

Yes. Life happens, and sometimes you need funds to cover financial hardships sooner than your payments are scheduled to disburse. We can help you secure a lump sum for a portion or all of your future payments.

Our experienced, dedicated representatives listen to your goals and then clearly explain all of the payment sale options available. We meet you where you are without judgement and will work hard to help you meet your financial goals. It is all part of something we call the Peachtree Promise.

We Want to Help You Live Your Dreams​

A person who is selling structured settlement payments to pay back school loans needs different options than someone who wants to pay for a car in cash. Peachtree specializes in working with you to find the right option for your unique situation. It is important to know that you do not have to sell all of your structured settlement payments. You will also have the option of selling only a portion of your payments and even choosing which payments you want to sell to Peachtree.

Our representatives will make thoughtful recommendations based on your individual needs and goals, to make sure that the cash you receive now in exchange for your settlement payments works for you. Contact us today and we will give you a no-obligation quote and answer any questions you have.

All transactions are at Peachtree’s sole discretion and are subject to court approval and other underwriting requirements. Peachtree does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice. Please consult with appropriate independent professionals for such advice.

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