Understanding Your Quote For Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

Talk to a representative now.

During your first call , you spoke with a representative about your structured settlement payments. After asking your questions about the amount of cash you need, they built you a quote.

We’ll go over every detail of your offer and answer any questions you have about it. Then it is up to you to decide if selling your payments is the right choice for you.

How Much You Can Get

We try to build a quote that gets you the lump sum you need while leaving the rest of your payments intact. In fact, for many of the people we help, they only have to sell a portion of their payments to get the lump sum they need. Every offer is unique, but there are three basic ways you can sell your future payments:

  • Full Buyout: Sell all your remaining payments for a single lump sum
  • Partial Payment: Sell a portion of each payment
  • Sell Some Of Your Payments: Sell the full amount of your payments for a period of time and keep the rest

Why You Might Get More Than One Offer

At Peachtree, our goal is to give you options for how to access the money from your structured settlement payments. Everyone has different needs, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we try to create a few different ways you can get your money. Whether it’s selling a group of payments or just a portion of them, we want to give you choices. That way, you can pick what solution works best for you.

You Can Request An Updated Quote

We want to give you options to get the money you need. If your needs change, and you want more (or less) money, let our representative know. We’ll update your quote and give you new options. Since we already have your information in our system, we usually can get an updated quote to you on the same day.

Options Without Obligation

Contacting Peachtree and getting your quote is always free. We don’t charge you for the call, and you’re under no obligation to accept an offer. If you decide you don’t want a lump sum, or if we can’t build an option you like, you don’t have to sell your payments.

Next Steps After Accepting an Offer

If you do accept one of our offers, be sure to contact our representative and let them know. Then, we’ll start building a contract that will allow us to buy your future payments.

Next: Understanding The Purchase Contract

Peachtree is a purchaser of assets and does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Please contact independent professionals for those services. All transactions are done at Peachtree’s sole discretion.

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