Your Lump Sum

After we receive court approval, our team works to get you your money as quickly as possible. Peachtree is a direct funder, which means we have the money for your lump sum available. All we need to do is send it to you the way you requested.

When you signed your contract, you let us know which way you preferred to receive your cash. But before we complete the transaction, your representative will consult with you to make sure that you did not change your mind. There are two ways to receive your lump sum:

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Direct Deposit

The fastest way to receive your lump sum is through direct deposit. You will need to send in a voided check and a statement from your bank that includes the routing number and your account number where the money will be sent.

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If you prefer, Peachtree can send you a check via Federal Express or certified mail. Your check should arrive within two to three business days. To ensure your money does not get lost, a signature will be required for delivery.

What Happens With Your Remaining Payments?

Most people sell a limited number of payments, or a portion of every payment, to get the lump sum they want. Peachtree only purchases the payments you agreed to in the purchase contract. The payments that you did not sell will still come to you.

If you sell part of the payment you receive every month, you may experience something called a Passback. Each insurance company will handle splitting your payment differently. Many companies will continue to send you your usual payment at the new agreed-upon amount.

If your insurance company will not split the check for you, we will set you up with a Passback Payment. In this situation, your insurance company will send Peachtree a check for the full amount of your structured settlement payment and we will handle the administrative job of dividing your payment and sending you the portion of your payment that we did not purchase. This process is very fast and you should receive your portion of the payment close to the time you were scheduled to receive your regular payment.

All transactions are at Peachtree’s sole discretion and are subject to court approval and other underwriting requirements. Peachtree does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice. Please consult with appropriate independent professionals for such advice.

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