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When you sold some of your structured settlement payments, you had a goal in mind. You received your lump sum , and spent your cash how you needed to spend it. After that, you went back to your regular life and kept receiving any payments you didn’t sell.

Many people we work with are surprised when they find out that they’re able to sell some of those remaining payments if they need another lump sum. In fact, making an additional sale isn’t all that different from the process you went through when you got your first cash lump sum. If that first sale was to Peachtree, the process might even be easier the next time around.

You Can Sell More of Your Payments

As long as you still have scheduled future payments, you have the option to sell them in exchange for a lump sum. Whether you’re looking at your second sale or your seventh, we’re here to help. Your structured settlement is your money. We help you access it when, and as many times as you need it.

The Process Is Mostly the Same

When you contact us , let our representative know that you already sold some of your payments. They’ll need this information so that they know what payments we can purchase. After that, the process is similar to how it worked the first time:

  • You get your quote. If you accept, we send you a contract
  • You review and sign the contract and we schedule a day in court
  • A judge reviews and approves the transaction
  • You get your cash lump sum

Because you’ve already gone through the process at least once, you’ll know what to expect the second time around which might make it feel easier.

If You Sold To Us Before, You Should Work With Us Again

If you already sold some of your future settlement payments to Peachtree, it’s possible that we can make the process even easier the next time around. Since we have your information in our system already, we can streamline a lot of the process. You’ll get your quote faster, and we will already have paperwork on your structured settlement. You’ll still need to fill out a new purchase agreement, but the process shouldn’t take as long as it did the first time.

We Can Help Even If You Worked With Someone Else Before

Your remaining payments are your money and you can choose who you want to sell them to. Despite what some of our competitors might claim, you are not forced to work with the same company a second time if you don’t want to.

At Peachtree, we have a lot of experience buying structured settlement payments. We understand the process which allows us to offer a great lump sum for your payments. We’re happy to help you sell some of your future payments, even if you didn’t complete the first transaction with us. Just let us know about your previous sales when you call, so that we can get you an accurate quote.

Answers Are A Phone Call Away

Our representatives are here to help. If you’re interested in selling some of your remaining structured settlement payments for an additional lump sum, let us know. We’ll answer your questions and give you a free, no-obligation quote of options for getting the cash you need sooner.

Peachtree is a purchaser of assets and does not offer legal, tax, or financial advice. Please contact independent professionals for those services. All transactions are made at Peachtree’s sole discretion.

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