Getting Ready For The Court Hearing

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Once we receive your signed contract, almost all the hard work is behind you. You agreed to sell us your future payments, the only thing that’s left is to have a judge review the transaction. After sending us your paperwork, our underwriting team takes over. They’ll double check the contract to make sure we have everything we need to ask for a court date.

If we notice something missing, we’ll send the Document Authorization Request form you signed to the insurance company issuing your structured settlement payments and ask them to send copies of supporting documentation. Then, our underwriters review the contract one last time to make sure everything is filled out properly.

Petitioning For A Court Date

Once we’re sure everything is ready, we’ll ask the court to schedule a hearing at which a judge will review the sale. Unfortunately, we cannot choose when the court will set a hearing date. Once we request a hearing, the courthouse assigns one based on the current case load.

Some of our competitors might claim that they can get you in front of a judge sooner. This isn’t true. Your court date is decided by the caseload of the judges in your local courthouse, not who’s making the request.

We’re Here To Answer Questions While You Wait

Once we know the court date, our representative will keep you updated and answer your questions.

During this time, you might get contacted by one of our competitors asking you about your transaction with Peachtree. Unfortunately, once we receive a court date, that information is public. How much information is available depends on where you live, but in every state at least some information is available. The person who calls you might try to convince you that you need to give them information about your transaction. This is not true. While you can speak with them if you wish, you don’t have to give them any information unless you want to.

If someone contacts you, we recommend letting us know as soon as possible. As one of the largest buyers of structured settlement payments in the country, our competitors might try to mislead you with false information. If you do speak with them and have additional questions, let us know. We’ll be happy to give you answers and correct any misleading statements they might have made.

We’re Always Here To Help

In most states, you will be required to appear before the judge yourself so that they can ask you questions. If this is the case, our representative will help you prepare by going over questions you might hear.

We will stay in touch with you until the court date, but if you have a question that you want answered sooner, help is just a phone call away.

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Peachtree is a purchaser of assets does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Please contact independent professionals for those services. All transactions are done at Peachtree’s sole discretion.

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