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When you’re ready to sell all or part of your structured settlement payments, the first step is to connect with a Peachtree representative. From there, the process works like this:

Step 1: We listen.

We’ll ask about the nature of your settlement, such as from whom you are receiving payments and how often. We’ll also ask about your financial needs, and your plans for the money you’ll be using, as these are relevant issues for the court that will review the sale of your payments.

Step 2: We discuss your options.

When we know more about your structured settlement payments, we’ll help you understand all the options you have, such as how much of your settlement payment stream you’d like to sell, how you’d like to structure the sale, and how much we feel your future payments are worth today.

Step 3: Paperwork

This step is one of the most important parts of the process – and it’s a process that Peachtree has practically down to a science. We will have you send us all the documentation you have from your settlement. If there are additional documents that we need, or that you do not have readily available, we will either use our many resources to obtain them, or help you obtain them.

Step 4: Court process

All transfers of structured settlement payments from you to a funding company must be reviewed by a judge, to ensure the transaction is in your best interest. This court process is in place to protect you and your interests. Peachtree has extensive experience with this court order process. As the filing party, Peachtree’s attorney files a petition with the court and requests a court date. Your Peachtree representative will keep you informed as your case progresses. Your representative will also let you know if you need to be at the hearing and what to expect.

Step 5: We transfer your funds

Once the court approves the sale of your structured settlement payments, we will receive a signed order from the judge and will complete our final underwriting review. We will then send you a check (or electronically transfer) for the purchase price. In most cases, you should receive payment within three business days of us receiving the signed court order.

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