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How Do I Sell My Annuity Payments?

If you’ve decided that selling your annuity payments is the best decision for you and your family, the process can be completed in a few easy steps. A representative will be available to walk you through the process and be sure that you get the money from your future payments when you need it.

Selling all or a portion of your annuity payment stream can be a relatively fast and simple process. The key is to choose a payment purchaser with years of experience working with insurers and an understanding of the many types of annuities available to the market.

Here is an overview of the Peachtree process — a fully streamlined way to get you the money from your future annuity payments and take the next steps toward financial freedom.

Annuity Payment Sale Process

Step 1: Share the Specifics of Your Annuity

Tell your representative a bit about your annuity as well as your financial needs. They can answer any questions you might have about the annuity sale process.

Step 2: Review Your Sale Options

Next, carefully review your options, such as how many payments you’d like to sell, whether you’d like to continue to receive a portion of your periodic payments, and other variables.

Step 3: Receive Your Quote

Your representative will provide a no-obligation quote (typically multiple option quotes) outlining the details of your transaction. Before making your decision, it’s important for you to consider each of the different options available to you.

Step 4: Complete Paperwork

You will need to provide a copy of your annuity and the signed contract, along with other documentation, depending upon your transfer request and the company that issued your annuity.

Step 5: Insurance Company Review

Your representative will provide the required documents to the insurance company that issued your annuity. The insurance company will then make the necessary changes to the policy so that the sale may be completed.

Step 6: Receive Your Money

You will receive your purchase price by check, money transfer, or ACH – sometimes in as little as two weeks. Transaction times vary based on the insurance company and individual circumstances surrounding your annuity transaction.

Our Customers

Peachtree Financial Solutions has helped tens of thousands of people achieve their goals with extensive experience purchasing annuity payment streams. That experience allows us to make the sales process as seamless as possible.

Why Choose Peachtree?

One of the reasons people love working with Peachtree is our team of representatives. Once you begin our annuity payment sale process, we’ll match you with a dedicated representative who’s well-versed in annuities. You’ll work with this same representative to provide consistency throughout the entire process.

What Documentation Do I Need To Sell Annuity Payments?

Behind every customer is a unique story; therefore the documents that can be required are different for each person. Some of the more common documentation needed includes an annuity contract and a benefits letter.

Your dedicated Peachtree representative will work with a team of underwriters to help determine what documentation is needed and how we can help gather the appropriate paperwork.

How Do I Know What My Annuity Is Worth?

Because there are so many different kinds of annuities, and each will typically be further customized for each recipient, there’s no one answer to determine how much we can offer you for your particular annuity payment stream.For example, the size and frequency of your annuity payments, as well as the timing of these payments, can impact our offer quite a bit.

The best way to determine what we can offer you fo your annuity is to talk to a Peachtree representative, who can get you an accurate, no-obligation quote quickly.

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