Medical Lien Funding

Quick Access to Liquidity

Are you a medical provider awaiting payment from the proceeds of your patients' pending personal injury cases?

As a medical professional focused on the care of injured patients, you may feel trapped by the litigation process. You’ve provided care, but your bills go unpaid while your patients' cases are pending resolution. Because of this, you may be unable to manage your practice as efficiently as you would prefer.

With Peachtree’s Medical Lien Funding program, you no longer have to wait to get paid. Peachtree can purchase your accounts receivable that are secured by a lien on your patient's personal injury case. By purchasing your receivables, we assume the risk of payment – regardless of the outcome of your patient’s case.

Advantages of working with Peachtree include:

  • You can eliminate the risk of non-payment due to a negative case outcome and secure your cash flow, enabling you to get back to doing what you do best – treating patients
  • Rapid decisions and turnaround
  • Non-recourse to you, even if your patient never receives any money from the legal case
  • Individual case & whole portfolio purchases
  • Availability of pre-procedure approval for the purchase of potential future receivables

About Peachtree

Peachtree is part of a family of specialty finance companies that have provided liquidity to holders of high quality, illiquid assets and deferred payment obligations since 1996. The Peachtree family of companies can purchase assets including structured settlement payments, annuities, lottery winnings, and life insurance policies. Peachtree is consistently ranked as one of the top tier companies in its industry.

Peachtree has the funding you need, when you need it.

Peachtree and its affiliated companies have purchased more than $12 billion in assorted receivables. With more than $900 million in committed capital, Peachtree can meet the needs of your practice and provide you with funding promptly, often within 24 hours of receiving a complete, qualifying case submission.

Medical lien funding is offered by Peachtree Pre-Settlement Funding, LLC and is not available to medical service providers in every state. Please contact us for a complete list of eligible states.