Q. What types of policies can be purchased by Peachtree?

A. Universal Life, Whole Life, Term, and Convertible Term policies from US-based carriers rated “A” or higher from S&P or “A1” from Moody’s. Second to die policies are eligible as well. All policies must be beyond the contestability stage.

Q. Will premiums be due by the seller after the policy is sold?

A. No, once the policy is sold, the client will have no future premium obligations whatsoever.

Q. How large does the policy need to be?

A. Generally $250,000 to $20,000,000

Q. Who should consider selling their insurance policies?

A. Life Settlements are suited for individuals age 65 or over who are evaluating health, financial and/or estate planning changes that have taken place in the latter years of their life. Typically, the client’s situation has changed, so there is little need to keep the policy in force. A businesses can also benefit particularly when dealing with the nuances of a sale or company closure, or when dealing with key-man or corporate-owned policies. Please note that Peachtree will typically pay significantly more than the cash surrender or lapse value.

Q. What is the process, and how do I get started?

A. The first step is fill out our free quote form or call us at 1-866-730-4411. Once we determine the viability of the transaction you will need to obtain a current policy illustration from the insurance provider and forward it to us. The second step is to complete and return your short application. As soon as we receive the application, we can start the initial appraisal process. The application gathers some personal, policy related and general medical history information. The third step, and still prior to being able to offer a quote, consists of the gathering of copies of the client’s medical records for the last five years; including office notes, labs, pathology reports and possible x-rays. Peachtree will assist you throughout the entire application process. All information is kept strictly confidential.