Quality of Life

At Peachtree we’re all about living our core values: Customer Focus, Integrity, Quality and Ingenuity - attributes you will notice the moment you walk in the door. We are about creating an environment where innovative ideas and diversity are encouraged and team members collaborate to get the job done.


Our philosophy is that a productive work environment is one that respects individuals and their differences, fosters teamwork, promotes flexibility and agility, and supports a balance between work and personal lives. We’re dedicated to giving employees opportunities to learn, grow and advance in their chosen careers. By believing that different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas of our team members help make us a better company, in turn we can provide a culture that encourages and values those differences. At Peachtree, diversity is a strength that unlocks our full potential to achieve uncommon goals.


We’re a leader in our industry, recognized for high reliability, great customer satisfaction and delivering quality transactions to our customers. From these values we have continued to provide sustained growth and a secure place for our employees to reach their highest potential. By recruiting the best people, and providing continual professional and personal development, we help ensure a bright future for Peachtree and for you. Your innovative ideas will be welcomed and appreciated.

Charitable Giving

Peachtree stands for more than just providing a paycheck. We’re working with the community to help make a difference, by raising money for important issues like Hurricane Katrina relief, the Humane Society, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and many other organizations.


We are a company that thrives on the ideas and perspectives of a diverse and multinational workforce. Our teams are charged with energy that comes from different backgrounds coming together in a working environment that embraces creativity and open minds. Diversity plays an important role in our global viewpoint and provides an atmosphere that fosters the kind of free-flow of ideas that has made us a leader.

A Way of Life

As a people oriented company we maintain the belief that our image is based upon our employee’s quality of life. To this end we continue to find ways that assist them in dealing with the challenges they may encounter between professional commitments and personal obligations. Recently we introduced a program to help parents with the responsibility of ensuring their children had a safe place to be while they complete their work in the office.